TPEA Lifter

TPEA Lifter


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TPEA lifter
Port-free internal retractor

TPEA Lifter is a disposable retractor used to lift organs  during laparoscopic procedures.  It creates greater  space in the abdomen and, improves visibility during the procedure - moving organs or tissues out of the way and, reduces the amount of devices needed in the field.


  • Easy to use, rapid set-up

  • Fully internal system – no incision, eliminates port dedicated to retraction
  • Hands-free solution for optimal surgical field exposure
  • Shortened procedure / operating room time
  • Fully compatible with robotic procedures
  • Adjustable traction, as required by procedure
  • Prevents instrument and robotic arm interference
  • Reduced patient discomfort and scarring, better cosmetic result
  • Two needle lengths to accommodate different abdominal wall thicknesses





Triangular needle with tapered precision tip for optimal tissue penetration.


Coated polyester suture  for strong traction.


Silicone stabilization device for strong, atraumatic organ suspension/retraction.

TPEA Lifter Product Features TPEA Lifter Product Features

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