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Renew Electrocautery probe

The ReNew™ Electrocautery Probe is a monopolar instrument that
works with high-quality,disposable Microline Surgical tips to put greater control in the hands of the surgeon. The ergonomically designed probe offers a superior tactile experience, as well as efficient electrosurgical performance. This design provides the surgeon full control during any procedure because the electrosurgical effect is achieved only where metal is exposed.


  • Disposable tips
  • Satisfy surgeon preferences without adding to inventory
  • Cost effective as neither re-insulation or repair of tips isrequired
  • High-dielectric strength
  • Patented visual indicator for electrical continuity and integrity between
    shaft and disposable tip
  • Superior electrode insulation for safety, even at higher voltages
  • Tips can be changed during procedures without voltage implications
  • Ergonomically designed handle for balance and comfort
  • Available in 34 cm and 42 cm lengths
  • Eliminates need for abrasive cleaning during surgery, thereby reducing chance of insulation damage
  • 1 year warranty





Straight Tip6152 Straight Tip
Sold in Boxes of 10 Sterile Tips
J Hook6162 J Hook
Sold in Boxes of 10 Sterile Tips
L Hook6172 L Hook
Sold in Boxes of 10 Sterile Tips
Spatula Tip6182 Spatula Tip
Sold in Boxes of 10 Sterile Tips


Laparoscopie6924Electrocautery Probe, 34cm1
Laparoscopie6925Electrocautery Probe, 42cm1
Laparoscopie6902Electrocautery Probe, Cap1
Laparoscopie6152Straight Tip 10/Box10
Laparoscopie6162J Hook 10/Box10
Laparoscopie6172L Hook 10/Box10
Laparoscopie6182Spatula Tip 10/Box10
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